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Asset Investigation

What is an Asset Investigation?

Debt collectors have a variety of tasks they focus on when they are assigned a case. One of these tasks includes asset investigation, which can apply to any type of debt or debtor.

An asset investigation allows the collector to investigate what possessions of value the other party has.

Some common examples of assets we pursue are employment for wage garnishments, bank accounts for bank levy, and liens on real property, but only when we have a judgement awarded to do so.

In order to document everything, this investigation must be done swiftly and with the right resources. Some people may try to hide assets to avoid making payments by changing the ownership of what they owe to someone else.

If you end up having to take the person to court, having documentation about their assets will be invaluable; this will help to prove that they have the means to pay off their debt and are simply choosing not to.

collection agency
collection agency

How Do We Help?

Many things go into collecting an outstanding debt from a debtor.

Hiring an agency to go through this process on your behalf is your best chance of getting the desired result. That is why so many people choose to go with a debt collection agency like Creditors Specialty Northwest.

We understand that this can feel very stressful. Having someone owe you money can be financially strenuous since you have your own bills to worry about.

We help you get your desired results quickly by following a specific investigation process. We have access to resources you don’t have and the experience to complete the steps with a better chance of success.

We will be here for you every step of the way if you have any questions or concerns.