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Credit Collection Services

If someone still needs to pay a debt, you have every right to take extra steps to get what you are owed. This is where credit collection services from Creditors Specialty Northwest come in! When you have exhausted all other resources, our services help you receive the debt you’re owed. Contacting the other party and collecting debt is the leading service we provide at Creditors Specialty Northwest. We also help with the following:

Unlike some debt collection agencies, we focus on each case individually. We will analyze your situation and discuss your goals and what is necessary for you to get the desired outcome.

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Who We Work With

No matter your industry, it is common to encounter issues with people needing to pay their debts. You may have a client who still needs to pay their outstanding debt or a customer who ignores your invoices.

 At Creditors Specialty Northwest, we understand these situations are very stressful. That is why we provide credit collection services to a variety of industries so that you can get the assistance you need.

Here are examples of the kinds of clients we work with regularly:

Accounting Services

Property Managers


Utility Companies

Retail Companies

Banks/Credit Unions

Auto Facilities

Child Care Facilities

Healthcare Facilities

Law Firms
Financial Companies
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Our Fees

Businesses may be concerned about high fees when hiring a debt collection agency. The good news is that we have simplified this process so anyone can use our services.

Creditors Specialty Northwest only charges a contingency fee if we collect your money. If we fail to do this, you don’t owe us anything for our services.

Here are some examples of how our contingency fees work:

    • First Placement Accounts – 35%
    • Second Placement Accounts – 50%
    • Legal Accounts – 40%