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Debt Collector Protocol


As an ethical and trusted debt collector, Creditors Specialty Northwest is dedicated to providing a straightforward process that gives you control over your situation. We do this by being transparent about our work and by providing full service for your business.

If you own or manage a business, you may need the services of a debt collection agency at some point. In any case, it is crucial to understand what to expect as a client and how our processes work.

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Debt Collector Protocol

Upon receipt of an assigned account for collections, our Data Entry Department will input the account into our electronic file data base. All assigned accounts are given a file number with our agency before being transferred to a debt collector. Federally mandated collection notices are sent to each of the responsible parties. As the client, you will receive an acknowledgment of the assigned account.

The assigned collector will review the account to understand what steps must be taken when contacting the other party; this includes reviewing documents and credit reports before making initial contact.

Our collectors are dedicated to remaining professional and ethical when contacting the responsible party. As a result, they will always work to create a payment plan to resolve the outstanding debt in the most cost-effective manner possible.

If necessary, the collection efforts will continue until the responsible party has paid off the account in full, settled in full, or becomes a ‘skip,’ or until it has been determined that legal action is necessary to enforce collection of the account.

The collectors at Creditors Specialty Northwest diligently adhere to our debt collector protocol, ensuring compliance with the Federally Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act; this includes following state and local laws when pursuing responsible parties.

We do not condone, nor do we tolerate, any abusive or harassing collection tactics.

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Sometimes, the responsible party may not pay off the account, even after being contacted by a debt collector. They may not be cooperating, or they may not have the necessary assets. In this instance, a small claims suit may be required to get the desired results.

Small Claims and Civil Suits

Creditors Specialty Northwest only recommends pursuing civil suits if the responsible party has sufficient financial assets to satisfy legal judgement.

Civil action may also be filed at the client’s request to secure and protect the balance of the account from any statute of limitation. You don’t have to worry about the details of filing this kind of small claim, as we will take care of those for you.

Once prepared, the small claims suit will be served to the responsible party. If they contest it, the court will schedule a hearing date. Depending on what the court requests, you or someone from your company may have to appear in court. Creditors Specialty Northwest is not responsible for dismissed cases if the client fails to follow the court’s direction.

If you are awarded the legal account in court, Creditors Specialty Northwest will continue to collect on that account until it is paid in full.

Remember that Creditors Specialty Northwest will always contact you, as the client, before proceeding with legal action.

In order to initiate civil suit action, we proudly work with Hershner Hunter, LLP & Hutchinson Cox, located in Eugene, OR. We utilize attorney services for all civil suit needs.