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How to Pay Collections

Creditors Specialty Northwest ensures that understanding how to pay collections is easy for everyone! If you have debt that you need to pay and our agency has contacted you, the payment process is simple.

You may have heard from Creditors Specialty Northwest if you have an outstanding debt with someone you haven’t paid. We are a debt collection agency that helps businesses and individuals get what they are owed.

Our mission is to make sure both parties are treated fairly and come to the best decision that works for everyone. We are dedicated to maintaining ethical practices and treating debtors professionally and respectfully.

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What You Need

When you make a collections payment through Creditors Specialty Northwest, you will be redirected to the payment processing form, where you will provide information about your payment.

You will need to input exactly how much you are paying and all your payment information.

The form will also require you to fill out your contact and billing information, along with your account number, so we can contact you if necessary. We accept various types of credit and debit cards.

This information is entirely secure and isn’t divulged to any of our debt collectors or staff. We are committed to ensuring your private information stays private. We only have access to what we need.

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Payment Process

We like to base our collections payment process around three simple words: fast, easy, and convenient!

Creditors Specialty Northwest will accept full or partial payments, depending on your situation. If you require a payment plan to pay your debt in full, there is also an option to create scheduled payments.

If you have specific questions or requests regarding your payment, call Creditors Specialty Northwest directly by telephone. We can answer your questions and provide solutions for your budget.

DISCLOSURE: Any payments made through this site are considered voluntary payments. By processing the payment, Creditors Specialty Northwest, Inc. is not agreeing to a payment arrangement unless confirmed by telephone or in writing. Payments made shall be applied to your account. By processing any payment, Creditors Specialty Northwest, Inc. is not agreeing to suspend collection activity unless confirmed by telephone or in writing.