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Skip Tracing

What is Skip Tracing?

In some situations, skip tracing may become necessary for the debt collector to contact the debtor.

Skip tracing is a commonly used term when someone has relocated suddenly or disappeared.

Debt collectors locate and contact people who have not paid the collector’s client. Skip tracing is usually required when the debt collector cannot find the debtor to contact them about their account. These people are generally those who have disappeared in an attempt to avoid paying their outstanding debts.

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How Does It Work?

Debt collectors start by verifying the debtor’s contact information to ensure they’re looking for the right person.

The collector may also use a skip tracer tool that allows them to check public records to identify the debtor. These tools can help them verify information and track where the debtor may have gone.

If the debtor still cannot be located, a professional skip tracer may need to be hired for a more in-depth investigation. Unlike skip tracer tools, a professional skip tracer is a person who does this professionally and has more resources. Hiring professional skip tracers can be expensive, so many clients try to avoid this.

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Is Skip Tracing Necessary?

Skip tracing is not always necessary when collecting outstanding debt. In many situations, the debt collector has enough resources to find the debtor independently.

This process has been made more accessible over time since so much information is now available online through free resources. You may even know the responsible party well enough to provide valuable information about their location.